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Star Hydraulics LTD.

Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc. Is proud to represent the Star Hydraulics LTD. valve series. Established in 1969 Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc. Is the longest operating hydraulic repair facility in the country.
We have been making major breakthroughs into the u.s. market in various industries. This unique valve has many design features you will not find on other force feedback designs.

You will get longer lasting performance because of the unique characteristics of this design. The star valve utilizes a jeweled feedback ball on their feedback wire assembly. The valve will have a longer span of operation before a “glitch” effect occurs. This is an important feature over other like designs because it will require less maintenance and that means less downtime to the user.

These valves will adapt to your present port patterns without the need of an adapter plates.

The engineering background of Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc. And our close relationship with the manufacturers is why Star Hydraulics LTD. Choose us to represent their line of electro hydraulic servovalves and have the confidence in our repair capabilities of their valve designs.

Dynamic and static tests can be provided for the star servovalves. All parts used in the repair of these valves are all o.e.m. parts.  Our relationship with star allows us to have access to all of the valve specifications. Features such as high response and stainless steel bodies for high pressure applications are just a few features offered by star.
Please call for a performance sheet of their valve series and to see all of the features offered by  Star Hydraulics, LTD.

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