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Servo Lab Equipment

  • Test Stands Built Specifically for Static Testing Of Servovalves And Proportional Valves, with built in Fixtures To Calibrate Motors Utilizing Hydraulic Amplification
  • Test Stand To Run Frequency Response Testing On Servo Valves
  • Test Bench With Fixturing To Recalibrate Force Motors Utilizing Hydraulic Amplification. Including Matching Orifices and Various Sizes To Rebuild Motors To Valves Specifications
  • Test Bench with LVDT and X-Y Recorder to Calibrate Motors Using Position Feedback
  • Jewelers Lathe
  • Disassembly Benches equipped with Special Tooling for Servo and Proportional Valves
  • Magnetizer
  • De-Magnetizer
  • Oven
  • Flow Adjust Stand to Flow Plot Spools to Ensure Quality OF null Plots of spools
  • Spool Grinder
  • Oscilloscope, Microscope, Gauge Blocks
  • Internal Laps
  • External Laps
  • Sunnen Hone And Lap
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