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Hydraulic Motors

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Industrial Servo repairs a wide variety of motors manufactured by all of the major manufacturers and we can repair obsolete motors the manufacturers will not repair anymore.

We will disassemble your motor and all of the parts will be checked for wear and erosion. The worn parts and eroded parts are replaced with oem or a remanufactured part after it has gone through extensive inspection and test. All of our seals will meet mil spec requirements that and are certified for compound and design.

Every hydraulic motor is tested at the rated pressure and flow specification. The rpm’s will be checked with its rated pressure and flow and will not leave our facility until it meets all of the manufacturer’s specifications.

The motor will be pressurized closed port to check for any internal leakage.

all motors are painted free of charge so you receive a unit back that works and looks like new.

A history of all repairs are kept on file with the flow / pressure / and internal leakage and a copy of this performance report is sent to the customer for their files.

All repaired units will have an 18 month warranty as long as they are run per the manufacturers requirements for the design tested.

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