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Customer Support

Superior customer support is necessary when dealing with a client. Most companies think that customer support comes from what you tell the customer you’re going to do. Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc. thinks differently. Since the company was formed in 1969 we felt that actions speak louder than words.

It’s important for us to provide our customers with timely answers to questions and to keep them abreast of key changes or developments in our service & product offerings.

We will continue to stay up to date on all the latest OEM Factory training offerings and new product developments in order for us to continue to provide our clientele with superior customer support. Most importantly, we will make sure that we listen to you...The key asset in helping us make sure that our customer support is what it should be.

Customer service, quality workmanship, value added services & you will always be our focus at Industrial Servo Hydraulics, Inc.

ISHI Customer Support

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