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Component Tooling

  • 150 H.P. bi-directional Pump Test Stand with ability to test pumps at 1200 and 1800 RPM. 150 GPM @ 5000 PSI, tested in open or closed loop
  • Cylinder Test Stand, 45 GPM @ 3000 PSI and Actuator Test Stand
  • Universal Actuator Test Stand
  • Sand Blaster
  • Surface Grinder
  • I.D. and O.D. Sunnen Bore Gages
  • Lathe for polishing shafts in-house
  • I.D. Bore Laps - to Lap I.D. of Bores and Barrels
  • Part Washer for large cylinder and pump parts
  • Mill for manufacturing fixtures to test special types components
  • Oscilloscope for centering of LVDTs and Assemblies
  • Test Benches equipped with the latest in tooling for disassembly of all components
  • Overhead Crane
  • Extensive inventory of special seals used on high-performance actuator repairs
  • Latest Technology for quality control of incoming parts
  • Surface finish check
  • Sunnen Hone
  • Complete History of engineering drawings to rework or make new shafts or end caps.

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