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Actuator Repair Service

A money saving alternative to replacing your worn actuator

The first step in our remanufacturing process is to visually inspect and measure all the parts to determine if they are within the specified tolerances. This will determine which parts will require rework.

Repair process performed after inspection

  1. Rods are re-chromed as needed.
  2. Pistons are re-coated and machined as needed.
  3. Bearings are re-coated or re-sleeved as needed.
  4. All seals are replaced utilizing only the highest quality seals.
  5. Barrels are honed or replaced as needed.
  6. All units are tested and cycled at 3000 psi.
  7. All lvdt’s are re-centered.

All tolerances on reworked parts are held to the original manufacturers specifications

Actuators remanufactured by industrial servo hydraulics, inc. meet or exceed the quality level set by the manufacturer on “new” actuators. Assuring your equipment will perform to the highest requirements and standards your system calls for.

Industrial servo hydraulics, inc. Also offers the following:

Actuator Services

  • New actuator rods fabricated from your sample rod or drawing.
  • New actuator end caps fabricated from your sample end cap or drawing.
  • Re-chroming of rods sent in with or without the actuator assembly.
  • Re-coat and machine the end caps with-out the actuator assembly.
  • New barrels fabricated from your sample barrel or drawing.
Actuator Repair Services Actuator Repair
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